Personalized real-time customer engagement

The DeskGod Service is simple and fast

"Our Productivity was boosted by 60% right after we started using DeskGod, it really gave a new perspective pre-sales..."
Stephen Davis,
Chief Sales Officer,
Spas Vacation Rentals
20% More sales leads
15% Reductions in customer acquisition costs

Wouldn’t it be great complete double the amount of tasks you do now with less effort and expenses?

And, wouldn’t it be great to generate instant, positive results and not have to turn to a whole new solution? Nowadays, resources and budgets are always limited. Let us assist in you in maximizing your resources by giving the ability for one person to be as productive as nine.

At DeskGod, we won’t just give you a great solution, we are industry leading marketers and we are here for our clients.

A service that grows as you do

We have designed the Visitors Lifecycle Management (VLM) solution to serve you today, And to serve as your company grows.

Only DeskGod provides you with advanced and complete features that stretch from identifying better qualified traffic sources, to visitor engagement, to building long-term relationships with your clients. Entire Visitor Lifecycle Management in one seamless service.

"Easily notice a 25% boost in your sales leads when implementing the DeskGod Solution and with your teams using the software you will gain a 20% reduction in your client acquisition costs in just a matter of time."
Results as you need them

You don’t have time to wait for results, you need them now. The DeskGod Service can be implemented and controlling your sales funnel in just minutes. DeskGod gets you up and running with cut and paste simplicity, pre-built integration makes your everyday tasks effortless and easy to complete.

Draw massive results

At DeskGod, we understand that results are most important. You gain insight into which online advertising campaigns are producing quality leads and the exact activities that led to sales. Customers report more than a 25% boost in sales leads with 20% reductions in client acquisition costs.

Ensuring your success

You will not only get the DeskGod Solution for your online business but the knowledge of a great and experienced team of marketers at your disposal! Being leaders in marketing, we have compiled best practices and client oriented services. You will get front row access to the most successful business practices today.

Easy Setup
Easy Setup Marketing Automation
Testimonials from clients who love us

In the past, we´d launch a promotion and hope for a certain result. If that didn´t happen, we wouldn´t know why. Our Web analytics program tells us what happened, but it can´t tell us why it happened and who did it. But watching visitors as they land - or skip over - a promotion page tells us a lot. ”

Mike Daniels,
Founder & CEO of Cloud Five Int.