Personalized real-time customer engagement

Smart Lead Tracking

To track an individual

You can start tracking your visitors’ activity on your website; know their names, emails, companies and much more. No more guessing if a lead is hot or not!

Link Builder

Once you send this link to a person DeskGod will automatically create his Dossier where all his future visits will be stored. It doesn’t matter where the visitor is coming from his activities will be added to his dossier.

That means even if the person comes from Google Search or manually types the web-address his information will still be tracked and you will know exactly who he is.

Track Marketing campaigns

The link builder allows you to track the success of marketing campaigns. Just use links created in DeskGod with Google Adwords, or in an article and you will know who follows the link and reaches your website revenue goals.

Link Builder
As a business developer I am responsible finding new partners.
DeskGod technology allows me to observe my prospects behavior on my site in real time and know their level of interest. This helped me start closing 2 times more partnerships while spending the same amount of time.
— Devil Apps

Main features:

  • Track multiple and individual marketing campaigns.
  • Track individual sales leads by name, email, company and more.
  • Easy to use, click of a button functionality
  • Visitor activity on your site is tracked for six months
Testimonials from clients who love us

In the past, we´d launch a promotion and hope for a certain result. If that didn´t happen, we wouldn´t know why. Our Web analytics program tells us what happened, but it can´t tell us why it happened and who did it. But watching visitors as they land - or skip over - a promotion page tells us a lot. ”

Mike Daniels,
Founder & CEO of Cloud Five Int.