Personalized real-time customer engagement

Manage the entire sales funnel with one seamless service.

"The buying process has fundamentally changed. Prospects are visiting many websites doing independent research and obtaining information from many sources, before taking any action."

The number 1 reason why 3 out of 5 internet businesses are going out of business each year is because they neglect the constantly changing habits of customers. Marketing is all about gaining interest in your product and expanding across the vast market, then sales has to take it from there and grab those prospects once they have interest. Are you getting the maximum turnover out of your leads?

If your job is marketing or you own a website you know how hard and time-consuming it can be to keep prospects on your website through their 3 stages of the visit:

  • Visit
  • Browse
  • Buy

If you ever tried to manage your visitor traffic then you are probably tired of the cost and complexity of using multiple applications to manage the sales process.

Single applications are difficult to use or incomplete because they are made by different vendors; they don’t share information for your visitors among themselves. These disjointed standalone systems cannot transfer data between one another. This leaves your business struggling to keep prospects between the stages of the visit.

To ensure continued success in this age of increasingly fragmented platforms, companies need to adapt their strategies and tactics to control and optimally manipulate data from one place.”
- Michael Glantz
Forrester Research

DeskGod provides a unique service that let's you control the three stages of a web lead. The DeskGod service and solution returns the power of marketing to businesses of all sizes, by giving them the ability to control the sales funnel from entry to exit. Now you can energize your business.

If you are searching the power to manage all visitor activities from the first click to the last interaction you need DeskGod.

The Secret to Doing More With Less is Visitors Lifecycle Management
Do you think that to grow a business in a tough economy marketers must work harder?
We help dramatically accelerate consumer revenue performance. It's a simple equation. The more targeted and relevant your campaigns are, the more prospects will be engaged and respond, the more brand loyalty you will BUILD, the more revenue you will drive.

What is in your control?
The truth is that you cannot control your visitor directly but you can control all visitor activities while they are on your website, starting from the visit through browsing to the moment they buy or leave your website.

Effective targeting starts with the ability to IDENTIFY who your prospects are and what they do on your website. Throw in an excellent sales and support team, and email marketing campaigns into the marketing mix and converting prospects becomes simple. Trying to separately execute these aspects can consume countless hours. Hours that are better spent developing innovative marketing strategies.

Now the big game is how to grab and hold prospects so you can convert them before they move on to your competitors.
Take a hold of all that DeskGod makes available for your company!

Identify - better qualified traffic sources to improve your marketing campaigns
Improve campaigns to bring more visitors that meet your revenue goals. The result oriented statistics allow you to get real-time information about the behavior of each visitor.

Convert - visitors to loyal paying customers, before they move on.
Engage with visitors to convert them to paying customers. Develop trust with your prospects in a way that is both consistent and relevant.

Build - long-term relationships.
Never be forgotten by your prospects and customers by keeping in touch regularly, helping keep your brand on the top of their mind, so the prospect will come back and contact you when they are ready to move to the next step. Get long-term benefits from your marketing investment putting your existing customers into new sales cycles again and again.

Testimonials from clients who love us

In the past, we´d launch a promotion and hope for a certain result. If that didn´t happen, we wouldn´t know why. Our Web analytics program tells us what happened, but it can´t tell us why it happened and who did it. But watching visitors as they land - or skip over - a promotion page tells us a lot. ”

Mike Daniels,
Founder & CEO of Cloud Five Int.